Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jake Hertzog – Evolution

Jake Hertzog (guitars), Harvie S (bass), Victor Jones (drums)

2011 Buckyball Records

Jake Hertzog, now with a handful of recordings under his belt, is one of the very few prolific young guitarists to convincingly embrace the potential of blending a jazz and rock style of performing. What stands out in Hertzog's playing, aside from a comprehensive knowledge of his instrument, is a willingness, regardless of style, to put it all on the line. Hertzog doesn't hold back on Evolution, his third release with Buckyball Records. The recording has moments of jazz-infused exploration ("Don't Bother") and all-out rock with hard-driving, distorted rhythms ("Renegade," "Solar Flare"). Hertzog utilizes a variety of effects to illuminate rhythmic chord clustering and blistering single-note runs. Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia," the disc's only cover, is given a plaintive acoustic rendering, bringing out the beauty of the tune's simplicity.

As with his previous trio releases, Hertzog wisely surrounds himself with veterans who can just as easily change course. Bassist Harvie S co-produces and contributes on both upright and electric bass. Drummer Victor Jones has an electrifying presence.

*Release Date: August 16

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