Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nelson Riveros - Camino Al Barrio

New york-based guitarist Nelson Riveros brings a sophisticated, Brazilian influence to contemporary jazz on his debut recording Camino Al Barrio. Having performed and recorded with many notable musicians such as pianist Hector Martignon (who appears on this disc) and bassist John Benitez, Riveros has developed the chops as a performer and composer to take the lead on a release that is rhythmically vibrant, musically challenging and, perhaps most refreshing, accessible. With so many bland, so called smooth jazz discs, bloated with tiresome, generic licks, the music on Camino Al Barrio is a refreshing display of commercial jazz at its best.
Riveros' straight-ahead jazz influence can be heard on the swinging cover of Cole Porter's "It's All Right With Me," with well executed bebop lines. The samba pulse of the opening "Caipirinha" and the title track stand out as disc highlights, showcasing the guitarist's improvised skill. A convincing vocalist, Riveros, with acoustic guitar in hand, is impressive on the Latin ballad "La Puerta."

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